Getting ready for Christmas!


Helped by Sherpa, the Crib slowly takes shape…

It’s very nearly Christmas – the full picture very soon!

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More Autumn colours

IMG_4602IMG_4603IMG_4595More Autumn colours – there is something so attractive – in the sense of ‘drawing one in’ – in autumn landscapes. As more mini-views appear, one just has to pull on the walking boots and head off to discover what lies beyond the bare branches.

A lane littered with fallen leaves… it’s definitely time to regress to childhood and kick those leaves!

As for this one – one more storm and all those leaves will be gone and the glorious twisted trunk of the tree will be fully revealed.

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Autumn colours, peace and quiet

IMG_4572Autumn colours embraced our journey through Somerset and North Devon during the last week in October. This hillside, with its mystrious zigzag up between the trees, begged to be explored…

the mossy stones and endless flow of water at Watersmeet helped wile away an afternoon with my paints:IMG_4590

IMG_4589This was just a beginning – the next few days were a feast of colour, sights, sounds and fresh sea air – all in temperatures way too high for the time of year – but who was complaining?

A wonderful week – now, back to the grindstone – but refreshed and inspired!

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Beguiling Miss Bennet

So, the book launch has happened and the book is now sailing out on the waters, just waiting for you to buy a copy!

If you wish to read my thoughts about the launch or about the story itself, pop over to stuck-in-a-book @ where Simon very kindly allowed me in for a cup of tea and a spot as ‘guest post’.

Meanwhile, here is a poster showing some of the highlights*

*the picture with the bath towel… now there’s a long story behind that one…

Chawton House Library

Chawton House Library

It was a beautiful evening after a day of showers, and the gathered throng happily celebrated this delight of a book – a perfect bedside book with stories to please almost every taste.

At just £8.99 it will solve those Christmas present quandries and bring pleasure to all who read it! (And I don’t say that just because of the royalties!)

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Jane Austen, and all that

Life has been pretty exciting just recently – as one of my stories has made it into a beautiful little publication from Honno press on behalf of Chawton House Library. Here’s the press release:

Beguiling Miss Bennet Press release

And here’s the book:IMG_3965

Mine is a little back-story to Nurse Rooke from ‘Persuasion’ – she always intrigued me, taking, as she did, an important and, in some ways, pivotal role in the unmasking of William Elliot. A very slightly drawn figure, she nevertheless appeared to have two significant human traits – compassion and a love of gossip. It was great fun to imagine her history and to give her a few moments in the centre stage

You’ll find her toward the end of the book – so enjoy the many other stories on the way!

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And now it’s nearly August!

It’s been a busy month – not least, in the garden. Watering through a dry season has now been overtaken by bailing out after a lot of rain. The pond – which had disappeared under a tangle of plants – was released from its bonds (by dexterous use of cutters) and has been topped up by Nature’s deluge. All the plants are looking much happier after heavy rain – and the weeds are looking threatening!

It’s too cool to lie around in a hammock, so cutting back and tidying up keep us busy. Sherpa is impressed, anyway! And, if I’m honest, so am I – well, the agapathus is brilliant this year, anyway. I have counted 20 blooms – hugely more than last year’s puny 7. And the blooms are not yet fully out in these pictures!IMG_3873 IMG_3874 IMG_3875

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July already?

Yes, and a week in I am still wondering where June disappeared!

June was ‘fair time’ with lots of opportunities to visit village fairs and fetes, flower festivals and feasts – an alliterative time of year – and fun fun fun.

IMG_3761 IMG_3769IMG_3767IMG_3693It’s all been pretty glorious – with lots of sunshine (amidst the odd storm) and fine examples of floral and patchwork art – not to mention mass production of plastic milk container birds (thanks to the Eden Project) and other bird-like creations.

I wonder what July will bring?

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