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Pinnacles, puppets & pets

Mmm – well – actually, that should be in the singular (but it doesn’t sound as good) The Pinnacle (It looked better on top of the tower) Thankfully, nobody was walking underneath when it fell – shades of ‘Hot Fuzz’! … Continue reading

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Open Books @ Honey Pot Book ‘Shop’

Hurray! The Spring has come and Honey Pot Books is going to open for the long-weekend Spring Bank Holiday weekend. The marquee will be up, lots of space to spread out and enjoy a good read, a cup of tea … Continue reading

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A little help from my friend

It’s always nice to have feline company when one is painting. An active interest in the tools of the trade is entirely understandable. One is hardly surprised to discover that Sherpa is particularly fussy about the size and quality of … Continue reading

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That cat!

That cat! I’m sure she can work out when it is OV’s day off! She behaves quite differently – she mixes periods of anxiety (‘Are they going out and leaving me for hours on end?’) with episodes of skittishness (‘Come … Continue reading

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What is a hammock?

“Never seen one of these before. Is it friendly?” “OK I’ll take a closer look.” “Mmm – seems fine. What’s this?” “Looks interesting – one or two titles which attract. Think I’ll settle down for a read.”

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