Mirrors and sleight of hand

Magicians have long used tricks and misdirection to hoodwink their audience. We need to be aware of similar tricks in the political world. The drama unfolding in the USA is a classic example of a cynical exercise in misdirection – threaten and carry out unspeakable acts, born of a cynical and self-serving political machine, and then soften the blow – making something appear ‘good’ because it isn’t quite so ‘bad’.

History should teach us that this sort of ‘machine’ needs nipping in the bud, before it becomes all-reaching and impossible to oppose. Sickened by the level of sycophantic speeches in support of an utterly flawed regime, I cringe to think what will happen next.

Wake up, wake up, and call out the politicians who are combining to create a megalithic monster.  Any person selling their conscience cheaply will one day share the guilt of every evil outcome of an evil regime.

After the end of WW2, the next generation said ‘why did ordinary, decent people allow this to happen?’ I ask the same question today. Why did people carry out such draconian measures? Was it because they had been taught to view the people crossing the southern border as ‘less than human’ – as ‘animals’ and ‘rapists’? Were they ‘obeying orders’ or ‘colluding in an evil act’?

Wake up, America – the world is watching. The soft words of the First Lady will not distract us – we watch for a complete change of direction – and maybe a miracle?

About apthomas

I love books, reading, writing, baking, chocolate, painting, sewing, people and fairtrade - not necessarily in that order. I am a lazy gardener - who loves the garden, and a lazy housewife who likes the place to be warm and welcoming. I live in beautiful Somerset - but have had to leave the countryside at a little distance, having moved into town.
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1 Response to Mirrors and sleight of hand

  1. Simon T says:

    Well said, Mum! x

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