More Cornish farings….

This was the view from our window – the tide rising and falling, covering and uncovering the beach – constant change but lulling one off to sleep, utterly relaxing.
Walking the coastal path we were treated to amazing beauty – light playing visual tricks, foreground and distance complementing each other. I just didn’t know where to look to select a view to paint!

So much beauty – words fail me!
We ‘fared’ very well thank you!


About apthomas

I love books, reading, writing, baking, chocolate, painting, sewing, people and fairtrade - not necessarily in that order. I am a lazy gardener - who loves the garden, and a lazy housewife who likes the place to be warm and welcoming. I live in beautiful Somerset - but have had to leave the countryside at a little distance, having moved into town.
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9 Responses to More Cornish farings….

  1. Simon T says:

    I forgot to ask to see your paintings! Hope you post some here Mum x

    • apthomas says:

      I did a few bits and pieces, but was distracted by ‘just standing and staring’… and cream teas and crab sandwiches and……
      I reckon I need lessons from Kathy on how to make the most of any spare time. She always gets out there with a sketchbook. Mind you, in my defense, the sunshine made painting light on blue sea incredibly challenging. I’m going to work on my sketches in Painting Group this morning.

  2. Looks absolutely lovely. Will post some Swiss pictures. Did the bike ride again, happy memories!

    • apthomas says:

      I’ll look forward to seeing those Maggie. That bike ride is quite something isn’t it? Did you yell ‘Wheeeee’ all the way down? And have they raised the railings on That Bridge?

  3. Susan in TX says:

    Gorgeous views. Cornish…as in the same part of the country where duMaurier’s pirate would’ve come into the cove in Frenchman’s Creek? Forgive my total ignorance of geography – I saw the sail in the last picture and it set my imagination to flight. 🙂 Sounds like a wonderfully relaxing visit. Thank you for sharing your pictures with us.

    • apthomas says:

      Hello Susan. Yes, Cornwall is the county at the south-west tip of England. I was staying near Mevagissy, which is just a little way south from Fowey (pronounced Foy) where Lord Godolphin lost his wig to the pirate!
      The Helford river runs west-east further south – part of the Lizard Penninsula – which feels very cut off from the rest of the county. Helford is on the south bank, with Frenchman’s Creek just a little to the west of it. I have spent several idyllic holidays in a cottage at the head of Polwheveral Creek – which runs almost a mile inland on the north of the Helford estuary, its mouth opposite that of Frenchman’s Creek. The Helford estuary is really a flooded valley, so oak trees grow right down to the edge of the sea inlet and all the creeks are tidal. It is an amazing place.
      The two photos with blue water and trees are taken from St Anthony’s Head and the path leading round towards St Mawes. This is the mouth of the Fal – with Falmouth town on the southern bank. A few miles north of Helford.
      It’s such a beautiful county with a wide variety of types of landscape. Once you have been there you just have to go back!
      Driving across Bodmin Moor I always think of Dona, racing from London, trying to escape from herself and almost rattled to pieces on the poor roads. The A30 is a good deal more comfortable!

  4. Susan in TX says:

    It will definitely be going on the itinerary! The longer it takes us to get over there, the longer we are going to have to stay. DH will be due for another sabbatical in 3 years, which will give us an extra 8 weeks off to play with. I’m thinking that will be my best opportunity. Thanks so much for the extra information. Makes me want to go pull some duMaurier off the shelf. 🙂

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