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Nature’s solution!

Hurray! Got it… Nature supplies the answer to the slug problem… the ducklings across the road! Sorted! (p.s. no, they’re not the real ones… but you get the point!)

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‘Then and Now’ (as requested)

We took our picnic up the hill after a busy morning working in the garden – just 30 short years after the first hill-top shot!

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Sorry to bore you, but…

Did you know….? Slugs eat other slugs… and then they become MASSIVE SLUGS Yuck. Maybe there will be a new Dr Who coming out sometime soon – with Mega-Slugs as the arch villains. Now there’s a thought.   Munch munch … Continue reading

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Slug update

In twenty minutes last evening OV and I collected over 70 slugs grazing on the lawn + 3 munching their way through a plant which was sitting near the water butt waiting to be planted in the border (they were … Continue reading

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