Spring cleaning?

It is truly amazing how the spring sunshine shows up dirt that one had been living with quite happily over the winter, making one ashamed and eager to set things to rights. I can’t say I am winning the battle. All the busy activities of this life seem to bring their tide of books, papers, junk, mess and detritus which has to be cleared away before one can spring into action.  I am good (like Austen’s ‘Emma’) at making lists and (like her) failing to complete the tasks thereon!
This bank holiday weekend I have all manner of targets of a home-based nature.  They range from furniture moving, through a sewing project to the ironing and a bit of cake baking. I’ll let you know, dear reader(s), how many/few I achieve and how I score on the Efficient Housewife Scale – it may cause you to smile a little and feel less alone in the daily struggle to keep on top of things!
For those of you who enjoy the odd nature note – the toadpole is alive and well (in the pond) and the tadpoles are hiding from him. Birds are nesting. OV and I accidently discovered a nest yesterday whilst trying to site the new water butt.  I’m just hoping we haven’t disturbed the owners.  No eggs in it.
Water butt waltzing is, of course, not unlike furniture waltzing (v earlier post – can’t do clever things like links yet – must take lessons) but MUCH more ecological I hazard.
Now I must ‘hit the day’.
(You may notice that African hut building is not on the above list – only because there are more pressing matters to hand! A friend has commented that it will go well with my gypsy caravan – also built from recycled materials – going on to ask whether I was creating a museum of buildings.  Now there’s a thought.  Any offers of help to build a Devon cob cottage summer house? I jest!!)

About apthomas

I love books, reading, writing, baking, chocolate, painting, sewing, people and fairtrade - not necessarily in that order. I am a lazy gardener - who loves the garden, and a lazy housewife who likes the place to be warm and welcoming. I live in beautiful Somerset. I am enslaved by Sherpa-the-cat. Saturday mornings find me 'playing shop' in the Honey Pot - a second hand bookshop, run from my garage, where along with the books you'll find fun, friendship and refreshments - all in a good cause.
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One Response to Spring cleaning?

  1. Simon says:

    Cleaning, you say…
    My windows look in need of some cleaning.  That’s the problem with daylight in the evening – I’ve only been home in the dusk or dark for months, and now I can see how dirty the windows are…

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