Squrrels, rabbits and other birds

When one is laid up ill one has time to sit and stare out of the window.  A handful of wild bird seed scattered over the paving stones by the pond (just outside the window) lures a variety of wildlife to entertain and delight the eye – including the tiniest of tiny field mice nervously capturing the sunflower seeds and racing with them to the safety of the lavendar bush by the wall.   The rabbits are less interested in the bird seed – they tear around the garden rejoicing in the absence of the gardeners, stopping off to nibble anything fresh and green that cost us money.  The squirrels come in various sizes and degrees of nervousness, but I think my favourite is the one who comletely ignores any movement inside the house and veritably vacuums up the bird seed.  He is, as you may imagine, a fairly plump fellow with a blithe disconcern for the dangers of life.  May he live long and happily, and may he not dig up my lawn looking for stored nuts!
The birds take turns – there is a definite pecking order.  The robins are coming in twos – maybe someone can tell me whether they are likely to be pairs or future rivals.
It is still raining and I am still ill – but likely to get better if I am a patient patient.  OV has decided to join me in the ‘I’ve got a virus’ stakes and so we spend his day off in companionable poorliness, taking turns to make the next hot drink and tasting the delights of left-over Christmas dainties and daytime tv.
In our brief outing today (to the doctor’s surgery) we stopped off in the next village to pay for some radio batteries and there, at the front of the shop, were the loveliest, shiniest of shiny black wellies (second hand) in a diminuative size 5 – priced 80p.  Oh Mel, how could we walk past them? They now reside here for your own exclusive use! No longer will you have to clomp around in my size 8’s.  See you some time!
Now who else can we treat?

About apthomas

I love books, reading, writing, baking, chocolate, painting, sewing, people and fairtrade - not necessarily in that order. I am a lazy gardener - who loves the garden, and a lazy housewife who likes the place to be warm and welcoming. I live in beautiful Somerset. I am enslaved by Sherpa-the-cat. Saturday mornings find me 'playing shop' in the Honey Pot - a second hand bookshop, run from my garage, where along with the books you'll find fun, friendship and refreshments - all in a good cause.
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One Response to Squrrels, rabbits and other birds

  1. Simon says:

    Get better soooon!Nice pun on ‘pecking order’…. unless that’s where the expression actually comes from.And did you hear that, if watched, squirrels sometimes pretend to bury nuts?!!Simon x

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