Saturday = Honey Pot day

So, the day dawned misty but the sun soon shone through – Honey Pot opened at 10 to an empty driveway and the warmth of the sun luring me out to sit in a chair with my coffee.  I had just decided that no-one was going to come when the trickle of visitors began.  The next couple of hours were a whirl of making hot drinks and trying to find the kind of books people wanted, whilst fending off the bric-a-brac and sorting out the Fairtrade purchases – all this whilst discussing the events of the week and the health of various neighbours.  At the end it was good to sink back into that chair and enjoy the last glimpses of the sun for the day – it soon hid behind a bank of cloud.
After lunch there was no avoiding the lawns – so out with the mower and away I went.  It was whilst attacking the back lawn that I discovered all the damage done by this year’s rabbits who have had the audacity to ignore my fences.  They (the rabbits) are all very sweet in the field, but my garden is no place for them.  I found myself thinking back to some summer reading "Prodigal Summer" bywhoops I can’t remember!  What I do remember is, amidst some rather unrealistic scenes of passion half-way up a mountain, some extremely recognisable fury at Nature Having Her Way, and although I am entirely on the side of the character who believed in Nature’s harmony and balance, rather than the irritable old man who believed in weed-killer and insecticide, I still lose my rag at slugs, snails, rabbits, bind weed, couch grass and nettles.  Ah, if only the garden could be controlled by words rather than back-breaking work!
However, all is not too desperate as I have brought in some of the fruits of the vegetable patch to augment our meal tonight – and I shall enjoy that spinach beet even if I have accidently left it to bolt!
On another subject – sorry to all who found it hard to get to this site – I have done my best to simplify things and to make it more accessible.  Try finding me on
I apologise for lack of apostrophe but it was not allowed!
Now away to the vegetable preparation.

About apthomas

I love books, reading, writing, baking, chocolate, painting, sewing, people and fairtrade - not necessarily in that order. I am a lazy gardener - who loves the garden, and a lazy housewife who likes the place to be warm and welcoming. I live in beautiful Somerset. I am enslaved by Sherpa-the-cat. Saturday mornings find me 'playing shop' in the Honey Pot - a second hand bookshop, run from my garage, where along with the books you'll find fun, friendship and refreshments - all in a good cause.
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4 Responses to Saturday = Honey Pot day

  1. Nancy.B.T.MA says:

     Books – at the Honey Pot:   Keep an eye out for _Miss Hargreaves_ by Frank Baker.  It seems to be quite rare.  My husband is having the University Library ILL borrow the book from the Boston Public Library for me.  It may take awhile since it is "in storage" there. 

  2. Nancy.B.T.MA says:

    Oooops!  I forgot to mention that I’d never heard of the book til I read about it on a couple of blogs – Simon’s and Karen’s Cornflower.  Karen’s read about it on Simon’s blog – and her description really made me want to read it:  "…It is part Ealing comedy and Whitehall farce, part E.M. Delafield…, with overtones of E.F.Benson…, and a Trollopian setting…"   I am very much a fan of Delafield and of Benson.  Of course, you are probably very familiar with _Miss Hargreaves_ and have read it already. 

  3. Erika says:

    I sympathize about the rabbits. We just moved into a house with a yard a year ago, and I was so looking forward to having a garden, but the deer ate everything! Then I tried containers on the deck, but a wood chuck (or several) came and ate the leaves off everything, while the squirrels ate all the tomatoes and eggplants. I guess I’ll give up for now, but I had no idea that I could be so irritated by small fuzzy creatures… I look forward to your future posts!

  4. Anne says:

    Erika – you have my sympathy.  I am lucky that the deer haven’t been on a visit (yet!) The badgers have made it as far as the front garden and a mole or two have moved into the back – including the vegetable garden.  The cows eat the hedge – but that’s ok as it saves me a job.  The crows and magpies have taken to eating my apples (on the tree) and the windfalls are full of grubs, earwigs and woodlice.
    I don’t know much about wood chucks (except the tongue-twister) but the squirrels dig holes in the lawn and steal the extremely expensive wild bird food I put out during the winter.
    This gardening thing is a battle of wits isn’t it?  OVW

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